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MERGE is an award-winning strategic marketing agency with deep category experience across the entire health care ecosystem. From payers and providers to caregivers and patients, our experienced teams are ready to help your medical device, biotech, medtech, diagnostic, and pharma brands separate from the pack.

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Helping you move from Touchpoints to TRUSTPOINTS

The only thing more valuable than attention today is trust. We create connected experiences weaving creativity, technology and empathy into seamless customer touch points that lead to significant increases in brand trust and ultimately, positive outcomes.

Trust fuels Net Promoter Scores.
Net Promoter Scores fuel growth.

Companies with long-term profitable growth have a Net Promoter Score® two times higher than average. Building trust by enhancing the customer experience can lift Net Promoter Scores to help achieve higher customer satisfaction, improve retention and drive growth in market share.

Trust isn’t built in a day

It’s built over time. At every customer touchpoint. We apply the principles of experience design to ensure every customer interaction is positive and on brand. Our approach ensures engagement, preference and long-term relationships build with every trustpoint. Reach out to learn how trust helps life science companies fuel growth and differentiation.

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Brand Strategy

Strategic Brand Planning
Persona Development
Audience Segmentation
Reporting Metrics & Analytics


Website Design + Development
UX / User Experience Design
CRM / CMS Implementation
SEO / SERP ranking


Concept Development
Graphic Design
Direct (DTC, DTB) Marketing

Media Planning

Online Display
Out of Home
PR / Influencer Engagement
Social Media
Email / Marketing Automation

DTC Communications

TV, Radio, Direct Marketing, Point of Home Care
Awareness Campaigns
Advocacy, Development & Partnership Facilitation
Grassroots Outreach & Nurturing

HCP & Patient Communications

Market Research
Branded & Non-Branded Creative
Nurturing Programs
Sales Training & Implementation

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